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Get Naked: Unleash the New Man in You—and Find Fulfillment, Connection, and Joy


Manheart distills Mark Grayson’s life experience, writing and research into a guidebook for men ready to make a shift. It recommends seven areas for exploration with practical tips and insights that help men advance on their journey.

Men are in crisis. We are trapped in a culture of masculinity, sometimes referred to as the Man Box, that narrowly defines what it means to be a man today. The set of expectations and restrictive definitions of masculinity inherent to Man Box culture are outdated. They have not adapted to the changing realities of life and relationships that men face today. This book is an invitation for men to find more meaning and purpose in their lives by rebuilding their masculine identities from the inside out. It offers a roadmap that helps men reframe their priorities and reorient their daily lives, so that they might experience the full range of the grace, power, and joy of being alive, connected, and male. Mark Grayson has written extensively about his decades-long search to discover how men can reframe and expand traditional notions of masculinity in essays that have been published by The Good Men Project, Los Angeles Review of Books, Medium, and The Purist, reaching millions of men and women. This is his first book.

Practical. Experience-based. Wisdom.

Abstract beige graphic representation of 21st century masculinity.

Workshops Coming Soon!

Reinventing male identities has become the focus of many gatherings across the US—in person and virtual—that Mark Grayson has been asked to be an active participant in. In addition, from time to time Naked Man Collective will pull together groups of men to share their insight and experience expanding traditional models of masculinity.


Upcoming dates and videos of their proceedings will be posted here.

No events at the moment
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